Buy Cool Wallets Online

Are you looking for a place where you can buy cool wallets online? Sometimes a trip down the high street to try and find a wallet can be a disappointing experience. Of course you want the option of buying a classical brown or black leather wallet but you’d probably also like to see some designs that are more colourful and more ‘out of the ordinary’. You could save yourself a lot of time and money by choosing to buy cool wallets online.

There are a number of online stores specializing in men’s fashion and men’s gifts and they have extensive ranges of men’s wallets. The best of the lot however, is without doubt Malebox. They have the coolest designs, funky colours, and a range of different styles to suit your style and budget.

For example, why not check out the International Magic Flip Wallet in the video below which is available in a number of colours including midnight, chilli, chocolate and more. These wallets have actually been around since the 1920s and originated in France. This modern take on the concept is sleek, functional and a stunning piece of design.

This is just one of the cool wallets Malebox has to offer. Browse the catalogue and buy online today!


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Men’s Fashion Evolved

The header of presents for men shows exactly how man has evolved. Yet it does not show the next stages on how man has evolved further to the beyond wearing clothes stage. Men’s fashion has improved remarkably over the last few decades. From the yuppy eighties to the metrosexualness of the 21st century men are increasingly caring about their appearance and putting those finishing touches to a look.

One of the best ways this can be achieved is by the use of men’s fashion accessories. These could include putting the finishing touches to your corporate look. Malebox has a magnificent range of both signature ties and cufflinks that are made from their well renowned designers who have a keen eye for men’s fashion gold. If you are trying to make a casual look more dressy then you can choose from their handpicked selection of hats, belts, and other accessories.

Another great fashion accessory are men’s wallets. Malebox features the latest in fashion trends for men’s wallets with the high selling Magic Flip Wallets available in a number of really cool colours. They also stock some more classical looking brown and black leather wallets to suit your look too. If you want to carry your money in a ‘light’ and cool way then you could always go for one from the interesting range of money clips available.

Men’s fashion has evolved. So should you!

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What Tie Might William Have Worn in the Royal Wedding?

Maybe Men’s Silk Ties from Malebox!

Only last week the United Kingdom, Commonwealth, and rest of the world for that matter was captivated by the Royal Wedding of Prince William and “commoner” Kate Middleton. Much of the anticipation surrounding the event was centred upon what dress Kate Middleton would wear. She ended up going for a Sarah Burton immaculate traditional white dress that was breathtaking. For those men interested in men’s fashion, they might have been more interested in what styles Prince William was going to wear. But Prince William opted to be dressed in an honourary Colonel’s uniform from the Irish Guards. If you like me are wondering what William might have worn if he like Kate had gone for a more traditional wedding outfit.

We are pretty confident he would have gone for the Malebox signature range of wedding cufflinks. But we also think he might have gone for Malebox’s signature range of silk ties. Our men’s ties are designed specifically for the fashion conscious man who is dashing and daring in the way he dresses. He’s not afraid to have fresh and distinct colours in his ties and also likes to have a classic cut that can be tied in a very regal Windsor knot.

But don’t take our word for it, why not judge for yourself by exploring Malebox’s range of men’s ties fit for a Royal Wedding.

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Cufflinks Fit for a Royal Wedding

Wedding cufflinks fit for a Royal Wedding…

On the 29th of April 2011 between 300 million and 2 billion people the world over watched the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Both bride and groom looked absolutely stunning. Kate was wearing the much anticipated dress by designer Sarah Burton and William was decked out in the gear of the Colonel of the Irish Guards.

Now as you know, the guys at Malebox specialize in producing men’s cufflinks that are of regal quality. They are of premium design quality and are a great match between classic and contemporary styles. That is why we would put money on that they would be fit for a royal wedding.

The Malebox signature range of wedding cufflinks is so extensive you are spoiled for choice. For example you can have silver cufflinks engraved especially for the different members of the bridal and groom parties. You can decide between Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom, Best Man, and many more engraved cufflinks. You could even have a photo of the Bride and Groom in some customised cufflinks. The choice is yours. You might also like to go for some custom bespoke cufflinks such as the now infamous Medusa cufflinks. They are a bargain at $300.

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Birthday Presents for Men

Can you honestly say that you always buy truly special birthday presents for men? Or do you occasionally go for birthday presents for men that are slightly run of mill? Whichever way you answered, you’ll definitely want to discover Malebox, the home of cool men’s gifts. You can kiss goodbye once and for all to boring, every day gifts that men seem to always get.

Malebox have a huge range of great birthday gifts for men with an array of men’s fashion, men’s cufflinks, silk ties, wallets, belts, gadgets, and much more to choose from. What is more, you can order all of these wonderful products online and have them delivered straight to your door.

The Malebox collection is a combination of contemporary and classical styles. We stay up to date with the latest men’s fashion and trends and constantly strive to give you fresh and vibrant products every year. Take our silver cufflinks for example. They feature premium quality classic designs with a modern feel. If you take our signature silk ties you can ahead see this combination with a classic cut of tie combined with modern fresh colours such as salmon pink and avocado.

But Malebox isn’t limited to fashion. They have a number of things that can make the perfect birthday gifts too such as gift hampers, gadgets, novelty gifts and much more.

They have birthday presents for men of all tastes and ages so start browsing their website today.



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Present Ideas for Men

Are you on the look out for cool present ideas for men? One of the best places for awesome present ideas for men in Australia is the online store Malebox. After all, it can be near on impossible to buy presents for the male of the species.  From young to old, boyfriend to father in law, they are extremely difficult to find elaborate or creative gift ideas.

Malebox has solved this great problem and has one of the most extensive ranges of weird and wonderful gifts to suit every fashionable male out there. So what can you expect to find at Malebox?

Malebox have a remarkable range of cufflinks to suit all tastes and styles and all occasions for that matter. You can choose between a number of wedding cufflinks, custom cufflinks, men’s cufflinks and much more.

Malebox also have a great range of ties including silk ties. There are a range of designs and colours from contemporary thin cut ties to those more classic, from avocado to chilli.

Malebox also have some of the coolest mens wallets on the planet. You can choose between the vast range of Magic Flip Wallets and great travel wallets.

This is really just the beginning. There are tons and tons of male gift ideas out there. So browse present ideas for men today.

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Cufflinks Australia

Are you on the look out for the best range of cufflinks Australia? You cannot go too far wrong by brwosing the extensive range of mens cufflinks from Malebox. Dimitri is the brains and designer behind Malebox, the latest and greatest brand for men’s fashion.

Whether you are looking for cufflinks for that special occasion (such as wedding cufflinks) or completely unique cufflinks (each of the custom cufflinks have no other set like them) Malebox have a plethora of elegant designs to choose from.

They also have a brilliant range of novelty cufflinks ranging from the funny to the absurd to the down right genius. If you work in finance why not go for the stock market cufflinks or the buy low sell high cufflinks. If you work as a fireman you can go for the fire extinguisher cufflinks. If you are a gambler then you can go for the dice or the playing cards cufflinks.

Cufflinks also make great male gift ideas. If you know someone that works in an office environment or needs cufflinks for a special occasion then Malebox has that covered too.


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